A Leg Up

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A recommendation on the filmmaking interview podcast A Leg Up, described as  a podcast about making it in Hollywood, hosted by a kid trying to do just that.

Adam Faze is a student living in LA attempting to get into the Hollywood filmmaking industry. In A Leg Up he interviews those that have managed to find their success, whether they be comedians, actors, producers, whatever. Interviews with those in the Hollywood sphere isn’t exactly something that is new, everyone has watched a chat show with a celeb talking about their latest film. What makes A Leg Up interesting is that rather than talk about little entertaining stories in order to get people to see what they’ve been working on, the interviewee instead talks about how they started out and ended up where they are today. Faze for the most parts lets them tell their story without interrupting, only occasionaly asking the odd question here and there which is refreshing in a world where interviewers are trying to push themselves into the spotlight. Often a fasinating listen, give it a try with Episode 2, the first part of an interview with John Lee Hancock.

Listen at HearALegUp.com