A Normal Lost Phone (2017) Review

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Eden Reviews ‘A Normal Lost Phone’ by ‘Accidental Queens’

A Normal Lost Phone, developed by Accidental Queens, lets the player explore the contents of an unknown person’s phone. An intimate portrait of its owner is unravelled as obscured information is discovered that aid the unlocking of more of the phone’s features through various messages and apps. Starting with texts mostly devoid of context, a deep personal understanding of the character’s innermost emotions can be discovered over the game’s short play-time. These feelings derive mostly from subjects rather sensitive in nature, yet Accidental Queens deals with them in a mature and responsible way and isn’t afraid to do more than just hint at their involvement in the story. A Normal Lost Phone is not the most groundbreaking of experiences, but the way in which it reveals itself is extremely compelling and players are more than likely to walk away with a touch more empathy and understanding in life.

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