The Best Music Videos of 2015

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In partnership with Freaking Weird Music Videos, here are 10 of the best music videos of 2015.


For the past three years I have been posting the most freaking weird music videos every Friday over at In doing so I usually see all the best of them out there, from the big to the small. I’ve collected 10 of my favourite music videos of 2015 into this list, with an embed of the video and a small explanation of why I chose it. I hope you enjoy my selection!

The Best Music Videos of 2015

10) Sia – Elastic Heart

Directed by Daniel Askill
Perhaps one of the most popular music videos of 2015, Elastic Heart features Shia LaBeouf (who has been recently involved in some incredible art projects) and Maddie Ziegler (a young dancer who found popularity through the reality show Dance Moms). Together they perform a captivating dance routine set within a minimalistic styled location.
The video unfortunately received some silly ‘controversal’ comments and the song itself became incredibly overplayed on radio stations, advertisements etc.

9) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Downtown

Directed by Ryan Lewis, Jason Koenig, Ben Haggerty
Downtown could have become as big as a hit as Thrift Shop was for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Afterall, it features the same comedy stylings and charm within an eye-pleasing video. However, it ended up becoming too unfocused to reach the rapper’s previous level of success, although you can clearly tell a lot of effort and enjoyment went into the production and the lyrics feature some hilarious comedic lines.

8) Childish Gambino – Sober

Directed by Hiro Murai
A deceptively simple video, Sober is actually a great accomplishment that really stands out from the crowd. Glover uses his comedic-style acting skills to tell a rather sad story, with top-notch dance moves to boot. Added to this recipe is a fabulously pleasing moment of cinematography during the break-down that pushes this into worth watching. I also highly recommend the video for his song Sweatpants.

7) Grimes- Flesh Without Blood

Directed by Claire Boucher (aka Grimes)
I do have a little bias for adding Flesh Without Blood to this list due to my love of Grimes. I have actually heard complaints that her videos feel too similar, due to mainly involving her dancing. However, there are some great costumes and set designs here, as-well as a handful of very visually appealing shots and, even if these complaints are true, I don’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

6) Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper

Directed by Douglas Einar Olsen
Since the release of the Professional Rapper animation, Lil Dicky has gone on to release his most successful video yet in the form of $ave Dat Money. While this latest release is an ingenious idea executed fantastically, I still prefer the former. I’m not sure exactly why. What I do know is that the animation is stylised beautifully and features the one and only Snoop Dogg. If you haven’t heard of Lil Dicky before I’d also recommend his video Too High.

5) Charlie XCX – Famous

Directed by Eric Wareheim
Eric Wareheim, of Tim & Eric fame, seems to have a knack for directing incredibly surreal music videos and has previously worked on projects for MGMT, Beach House, Major Lazor and others. This time around he mirrors the ideas on celebrity and internet culture presented in Famous, with a very Black Mirror/Twilight Zone atmosphere. Wareheim has since gone on to create the show Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories with his longtime partner Tim Heidecker, which also takes cues from the aforementioned anthology programmes.

4) Clarence Clarity – Those Who Can’t, Cheat

Directed by Malvin Mosaics
Music videos like Clarence Clarity’s Those Who Can’t, Cheat are what inspired me to create Freaking Weird Music Videos in the first place. Just completely and utterly mad, the crazy visuals capture a dark and twisted atmosphere without explicitly stating anything. This leaves so much up to the viewer’s own interpretations, falling in line with my belief that the best of art does not tell us something. Instead it simply pushes us to think in a new and different direction that we would never have done otherwise.

3) Royal Blood – Out of the Black

Directed by David Wilson, Christy Karacas
David Wilson and Christy Karacas created perhaps the most kick-ass music video of all time for Royal Blood’s Out of the Black, blending animation and live action to create a fight scene so thrilling that it puts Hollywood to shame. Each building up of visual action is accentuated through the music wonderfully and captures the comic book ‘awesome’ appeal fantastically. So well, in-fact, that a friend and I went through a period where we would watch this almost every day! No regrets.

2) Ghost Culture – Lucky

Directed by John Christian Ferner Apalnes
This is the only music video on this list, and one of the few in existence, that genuinely disturbs me. A man, plagued by visions, enters somewhere we all want to be: a more fantastical world than the one in which we exist. Yet it is confusing for him, and clearly not good for his wellbeing. He moves around the world without aim or purpose, falling uncontrollably as he does so. He is not as lucky as the lyrics suggest. Eventually, however, he gets to stop moving. To just lay down as the two characters who have been trying to aid him this entire time lay either side of him. A simplistic story yes, but the implications it has are ones that I just find so relevant and chilling. Add to this the fantastic visuals the production team have managed to create for, what I can only assume, is a low-budget production, and this should have been number one. If only it wasn’t for just how incredibly amazing this last video is.

1) FKA twigs – M3LL155X

Directed by FKA twigs
FKA twigs’ M3LL155X stands head and shoulders above all the over music videos of 2015. Yes, it might be cheating somewhat considering it is an entire EP as opposed to one track, but honestly that is all the more reason to give it the number one spot. Each visual segment flows into one another in such an incredible fashion, while still feeling unique and fitting in with the audio. Inspired cinematography, choreography, costumes and more merge together to create an absolute treat to the eyes.  I really hope more full audio/visual releases occur in the future with a wide range of artists too, as honestly it just adds a wonderful new layer to the experience. Simply spellbinding.

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