Oscars 2016: Bridge of Spies (2015) and Best Picture Nominees Ranked

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The Best Picture nomination with the least amount of hype – how will it fare in tonight’s awards?
And now that I’ve seen all the Best Picture nominees, how would I rank them?

Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Writer: Matt Charman, Ethan Coen, Joel Coen
Stars: Tom Hanks (James Donovan), Mark Rylance (Rudolf Abel), Austin Stowell (Francis Gary Powers)

Bridge of Spies is a perfectly crafted film. Every filmmaking aspect is like a film student’s dream, with all the rules followed to a tee. The acting and way in which the story unfolds are also very traditional and can hardly be faulted. For these reasons, some viewers will find Bridge of Spies rather dull. There is nothing particular new or exciting here, just some skilled artists displaying their refined craft. Personally I find that nothing to be sniffed at, but also know that I won’t be going around raving about it as a must-see. In-fact, the rather dry story, with very little in the way of twists and turns may end up making Bridge of Spies a bit forgettable in the end for me. I feel a problem also lies with the fact that this is a Spielberg film, someone we know has talent. If this were a unkown director then I think more people would have been paying attention to this one. As it is, this is definitely the least hyped Best Picture nomination, and while I can see why, I just don’t agree. This is just a great traditional piece of cinema, without any extra fluff.

Best Picture Nominees Ranked

With the Oscars 2016 happening so very soon, here are my personal rankings of the Best Picture Nominees:

  1. Room: Go watch it, and do so as blind as possible (Read the full review)
  2. Spotlight: A script that really pulls the audience in (Read the full review)
  3. Brooklyn: A very solid film with a fantastic lead performance (Read the full review)
  4. Bridge of Spies: A great traditional piece of cinema, without any extra fluff (Read the full review – scroll up!)
  5. The Big Short: Only manages to successfully execute its ideas about half the time (Read the full review)
  6. The Revenant: A typical Hollywood blockbuster with a rather talented director at the helm (Read the full review)
  7. Mad Max: Fury Road: It would probably be more interesting to see the making-of this film than watch the film itself (Read the full review)
  8. The Martian: Hollywood guff (Read the full review)