Burly Men At Sea Preview

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A quick early look at Burly Men At Sea, by Brain&Brain

Burly Men At Sea is the second game from Brain&Brain, a husband/wife team who released Doggins, an adventure game for mobile devices, in 2014. The story is set to follow three fishermen, each with their own impressive beard, as they set out for adventure. Slated for a 2016 release, I had a look at an early build of the game.

Burly Men At Sea Screenshot 1

The very first thing I noticed was the controls. As you may know I always play and review videogames for PC, and Burly Men At Sea is very clearly a mobile game first and PC game second. The mouse is used to emulate the swiping and prodding of a touch screen, which could become frustrating due to the way these motions are required to move around each area. However, this is not a major issue and I would much rather see the game come to PC with this control scheme as opposed to being a mobile exclusive. After moving around the first area I found a barn in which I could click on a hen to lay an egg, which could then be clicked on to birth a chick. Nothing to do with the gameplay or story, but small additions to point-and-click games like this are always a nice touch and, combined with the enjoyable soundtrack really helps to add a level of atmosphere to the game. Unfortunately though the visuals are far too minimalistic for my taste, which is disappointing considering that a much more interesting graphical style would have fit in well with the vibrant music and sound effects to further add to the ambience.

Burly Men At Sea Screenshot 2

In the build I was playing gameplay was also very minimalistic. Moving from one location to the next in order to click on the correct option to progress, with no inventory and only one objective per area. This does feel like it is the beginning of the game though, and could perhaps open up later on. The developers are also promising a branching storyline that would lead to a different adventure with each play through, and while this was not present in what I played I look forward to seeing exactly how far it could go and how much variety would be on offer. I also hope that the story and characters become much more developed. By the end of playing the demo several times I still couldn’t tell you which sailor is which and the only depth of story on offer was the nymphets that the sailors come across who worship the whale they are stuck inside of. If Brain&Brain can follow through on their promise and add a higher level of depth to the game than what I could currently see then I can see myself picking up the full release as, despite the niggles I currently have, there does seem to be the potential for an enjoyable adventure game here. Nothing to be incredibly hyped about, just the possibility of a good, if perhaps forgettable, time.

Burly Men At Sea will be available on Steam and iOS in 2016.
Find out more at BurlyMenAtSea.com.