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‘Failed Film’ Documentaries

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The art of filmmaking is a large and complex beast that has created one of the biggest industries on the planet. With all of the productions that happen over the world, some are destined to fail. Luckily for people who are interested in just what went wrong and what could have been, there are some great ‘failed film’ documentaries on the subject. Read about some of the best of them after the break.


Filth (2013) Review

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Somewhere inside Filth (2013) is an amazing film trying to swim out of the sea of shallowness and mediocrity it is drowning in. With so much potential shown, let’s explore exactly how it threw it all away, exclusively here at EdenReviews.com

GameLoading: Rise of the Indies (2015) Review

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GameLoading: Rise of the Indies (2015) attempts to showcase the independent game development scene that has sprouted from a seed to a tall and well nourished flower over the years. In someways it manages to succeed, but perhaps at the expense of a fully formed feature. Let’s explore more on Eden Reviews.

Citizenfour (2014) Review

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Citizenfour (2014) tells the story of Edward Snowden leaking information he gathered while working at the NSA, but what can a documentary about such an already widely disuccused topic bring to the table? Find out in the first documentary review on Eden Reviews.