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That Dragon, Cancer (2016) Review

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That Dragon, Cancer is an extremely personal and, at times, deeply moving videogame. I really do applaud the bravery of the Green family, who have chosen to share such an intimate and tragic part of their lives. They, and the rest of the Numinous Games team, have created a game with such overwhelming emotional moments that forces even the biggest of cynics to feel something at their very core. This, quite frankly, is an incredible achievement for any piece of art.

The Beginner’s Guide Steam Review

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As long as you are not the type of gamer that scoffs at story based games with no traditional gameplay then I would recommend The Beginner’s Guide to you. Do not watch the trailer. Do not view the screenshots. Just set aside an hour and a half and play the game from start to finish. Stop reading this review and do so now, I very highly doubt you will regret it.

Now on Steam!

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Eden Reviews now has game reviews and recommendations on Steam. All reviews will eventually be featured on this site, but if you need to know more now then here’s some information about it all.