Now on Steam!

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Eden Reviews now has game reviews and recommendations on Steam. All reviews will eventually be featured on this site, but if you need to know more now then here’s some information about it all.

Steam Curation

Eden Recommends

The Eden Recommends Logo


The Eden Recommends Steam storepage is a constantly updated list of the best games available on Steam. On the page I aim to feature great games no matter the genre that any gamer should pick up and play. So wherever you see the Eden Recommends logo (see above) you know a game is worth playing. If there are certain mods that are required for a decent gaming experience they will also be listed here, alongside a link to a review of the game if I have written one. If you want to make sure that recommendations from me will appear on the store pages of the relevant games then you can follow the curator page by the green ‘follow’ link on the storepage.

Steam Reviews

I’ve also started writing reviews for games on Steam, which you can view here. Eventually these reviews will make it on to this site, but if you want to view them as soon as possible then they are all available via the link. So far there are reviews for the following:

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Movie & TV Reviews?

There has been a lack of the usual reviews on the site as of late, a lot of my current focus has gone into updating my homepage and my other project: Freaking Weird Music Videos as-well as changes in my personal life. New reviews and recommendations for movies and TV shows should be coming along soon however. If you want to make sure you know when they appear then you can follow me on Twitter.