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Rest in Pain, the fourth episode of Twin Peaks, reviewed for Twin Peaks Week.

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Fun at the Funeral

Funeral in Twin Peaks S01E03 Rest in Pain - Twin Peaks Week

Funeral – Rest in Pain

“Albert, I hope you can hear me. I’ve only been in Twin Peaks a short time but in that time I have seen decency, honor and dignity. Murder is not a faceless event here. It is not a statistic to be tallied up at the end of the day. Laura Palmer’s death has affected each and every man, woman and child because life has meaning here, every life. That a way of living I thought had vanished from the Earth but it hasn’t Albert its right here in Twin Peaks.”

– Special Agent Dale Cooper

This quote from Agent Cooper is very helpful in clearly showing an aspect of Twin Peaks that I like so much: the way the whole town has been shown to react to Laura’s death. While there were small amounts of plot development in today’s episode, I found that the funeral scene stood out in particular for this very reason. Most of the major characters were shown here (including Log Lady!), meaning you could really feel the impact of the death and what it meant specifically to each character in the way they each acted. And then Leland Palmer falls on top of the coffin. This mixture of dramatic and comedic moments just works so well in the show, as talked about in a way in yesterday’s review. I think the reason I like this so much is that it just works in such a real way, even if the show isn’t realistic at all times. The whole thing just strikes the right balance of so many elements somehow. The most interesting moment from the funeral though was Bobby telling everyone that they could have stopped this from happening. That they all knew what was happening. Whether this is actually true or he is just placing his feelings on them will be interesting to find out over the coming episodes. And I just know that he and James will have to have their actual standoff at some point too.
In terms of story though, I was very surprised to see the introduction of the Bookhouse Boys. What exactly is the darkness they’ve been keeping at bay? Why not just do it via the police force? Strange indeed, and even stranger is exactly what Shelly is planning on doing with the gun. I doubt she will shoot Leo, so maybe she just feels safer with it around? Or maybe she will be using it to frame him? I really hope some of these questions are answered soon, so that even more can be begun to be asked, allowing for even bigger mysterious to occur. Make sure to check back tomorrow where perhaps we will find out in the next episode review!

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