The Beginner’s Guide Steam Review

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As long as you are not the type of gamer that scoffs at story based games with no traditional gameplay then I would recommend The Beginner’s Guide to you. Do not watch the trailer. Do not view the screenshots. Just set aside an hour and a half and play the game from start to finish. Stop reading this review and do so now, I very highly doubt you will regret it.

For those who wish to know a bit more of my time with the game, I do have a little to say about the content presented here. Davey Wreden tells the story via such an interesting and original manner, which really make the events that occur impactful. The tale itself I found to be gripping and personally effecting, leaving me thinking after it was over, which I believe it is important for any art to achieve. This fantastic story-telling is aided by the level design, as-well as the stunning environments which convey tone and emotion through eye-pleasing minimalistic graphical design. The last piece of the puzzle is the dialogue, which at first feels like it is not letting the player experience events from their own perspective, but it becomes apparent that it is allowing them to play something much more than just the some of its parts.

Of course, The Beginner’s Guide is not the be all and end all of this seemingly new genre of story-based games which has evolved over the last few years. Instead, it serves alongside them to demonstrate the kind of role videogames could play in the future of entertainment while also providing a rather unforgettable experience. Please, if you have not already done so, pick this game up and give it a chance.

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