The Jackbox Party Pack 2 Steam Review

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As I said in my review for the first game, The Jackbox Party Pack is a wonderful idea for a party game. Unfortunately, the second pack is mostly disappointing. Find out why after the break.

My most immediate gripe is that it is such a shame to see this as a separate game, as opposed to DLC for the first party pack. Switching between the two during an evening is an annoying waste of time and shows that the developers aren’t particularly interested in creating a long-lasting product. After purchasing it was also disheartening to see that the main menu was less stylised than the moving game boxes from the first game. A small problem, yes, but it just comes across as a lack of effort.

Moving onto the games themselves and it is clear that you and your friends will spend much less time with this selection of games than the last. Bidiots is too confusing and not gratifying enough to be a good party game. Bomb Corp also doesn’t work well in this setting either, although when playing with just you and one friend it does have a small amount of fun to it. Talking of fun however, the rest of the games are more enjoyable. Unfortunately one of them is just more Fibbage. This does mean a wider selection of questions for those who love the game, but it is again sad to not see this as DLC for the first pack or integrated with Steam Workshop. The last of the games (Earwax and Quiplash) are the most enjoyable and fresh. However, they can both get repetitive more quickly. Earwax is fun to play to laugh at the silly sounds, but is rather lacking in real gameplay and Quiplash is perhaps too difficult to keep everyone laughing.

After mostly having an absolute blast with Jackbox Party Pack 1, it would have been nice to have seen more work gone into new games. However, overall the sequel just doesn’t put as much effort in as its older brother and still lacks DLC and Steam Workshop support. Such a disappointment.

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