The Jackbox Party Pack Steam Review

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If you have anyone you can remotely call a friend then perhaps you should get The Jackbox Party Pack. Read the full Steam review after the break.

Without a doubt The Jackbox Party Pack is the best party game you can buy on Steam. The use of a phone (or similar internet-connected device) as a controller is genius as it allows friends to play easily and without the need for additional hardware.
Most of the games are incredibly fun too, with only two of the five games (Word Spud and Lie Swatter) being ones that you will soon forget about due to them simply not being particularly fun. Out of the remaining three Fibbage and Drawful stand above the rest and can be played for hours and still have you and your friends wanting to play more. They both lead to some hilarious moments as you laugh at each other’s drawing skills or silly answers. The two also remind me of the fun had playing Cards Against Humanity, which is very high praise indeed. You Don’t Know Jack is decent too, though it will get picked less due to not being as entertaining, it is still enjoyable every-so-often.

Perhaps the only real complaint that can be made about Jackbox is the limited amount of content for each game. While it will still take a while to see repeat questions for Fibbage and Drawful (which ruins a lot of the fun), or to complete all the YDKJ episodes, it will still eventually happen. And when it does there is unfortunately no DLC or Steam Workshop support to add to the longevity of the product. Hopefully this can eventually be patched in.
That one problem aside though, I would definitely recommend you play this game next time you have friends over. Silly fun in an easy to play package, there simply isn’t anything else like Jackbox out at the moment.

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