The Most Disappointing Albums of 2015

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The albums that I was looking forward to in 2015 that just ended up falling flat: The Most Disappointing Albums of 2015.


2015 was the host of a wide variety of fantastic albums, from a large pool of acts and genres. However, not all of the releases I was looking forward to ended up actually being worthwhile. Here is, what I found to be, the three most disappointing albums of 2015.

The Most Disappointing Albums Of 2015

Chvrches – Every Open Eye

Chvchres - Every Open Eye - The Most Disapointing Albums Of 2015.Chvrches’ debut album The Bones of What You Believe, released in 2013, is a danceable synth pop album harking back to the sensibilities of the 80s and was one of my favourite releases of that year. It provided the band with decent following in both the US and UK too. So both myself and fans world over became excited when they announced their follow-up.

Every Open Eye arrived and just did nothing for me, with no noticeable progression or improvement from the band’s debut. None of the tracks are memorable or interesting. If this was their first album I think Chvrches would never have been able to reach any real level of popularity, perhaps last time they were just in the right place at the right time.

 Beach House – Depression Cherry

Beach House - Depression Cherry - The Most Disapointing Albums Of 2015.Bloom by Beach House holds a very special place in my heart. Its one of those albums that you have such a personal connection to that goes beyond the boundary of what most music can achieve. For years I was waiting to see what the Baltimore duo was going to follow it up with. I made sure not to listen to any of the singles released in the run-up to Depression Cherry‘s release, sitting back and closing my eyes to listen to it in full when it finally did arrive. But there just ended up feeling like there was something wrong with this long-awaited album, something just putting me off. A lack of depth? Of full sound perhaps? I’m still not too sure. Luckily for me Beach House ended up releasing another album in the form of Thank Your Lucky Stars only a couple of months later, which managed to satisfy my itch for their music in a much more satisfying manner.

Passion Pit – Kindred

Passion Pit - Kindred - The Most Disapointing Albums Of 2015.

Passion Pit was the first band that I saw live in a true gig setting. I had loved Gossamer so much, and still do. It’s another album that a find incredibly personal. His interview with Pitchfork at the time made me see the real, horribly depressing message behind each seemingly upbeat track. These opposing ideas merged together seems to perfectly describe a rather relatable mental state to me, only helping to make Gossamer an album that will continue to mean so much to me. So  I was interested to see what Michael Angelakos’ next release was going to be like, knowing full well that it would never be as perfect to me as the last. What I didn’t expect, however, is an album that seems to just try to hit a mainstream audience. I’m not immune to enjoying well written pop music, but Kindred just seems to be so half-assed, resulting in a record that, at the end of the day, is dull and un-inspired. Both Every Open Eye and Depression Cherry I feel are on this list partly because I was expecting too much of them, but with this album I wasn’t even thinking that I was going to get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it and yet somehow still ended up being disappointed.

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