The Novelist Steam Review

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The Novelist creates an emotional connection between player and characters that should be highly commended, if you can look past the repetitive gameplay.

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The Novelist is a story-based game that sees the player take on the role of a ghostly character, assisting the Kaplans, Dan, his wife and his son, in their decisions over the course of a summer break. Gameplay-wise this means finding letters and memories to find out what each family member wants and then finding a specific item in order to fulfil that want. However, you can only please one person each time, compromising with one other which results in there always being a third that doesn’t get their wish. Unfortunately, in terms of gameplay, this becomes very repetitive, quickly turning into a hidden object style game. Where the game hooks you though is from the responses of your actions from each character. Each action’s consequence can be felt emotionally from them and a connection between them and the player is formed. As this is seemingly a rather rare occurrence within the medium, this was a delightful thing to happen. Hopefully future videogames can draw on this and help to create more connections between their players and the characters in their game.

The small scale of the story and the before-mentioned repetitive gameplay will put many off, but for those that can look past those points then there is something worth experiencing here.

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