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The One Armed Man, the fifth episode of Twin Peaks, reviewed for Twin Peaks Week.

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An Explanation of Abandonment

Stastically Twin peaks Week is the most popular thing posted to the site. However, the project seemingly got abandond a month ago now without any sort of explanation, suddenly reappearing now? Well, for those that care to know why there was a reason. For those who just want to read the next review just scroll down to the next section.
When I first set out to create content here I tried to focus my efforts on creating quality writing, but as you can see the Twin Peaks posts became so rushed that I stopped watching the show entirely. Now that I have had some time away I would like to finish what I started. Each episode review will come out when it is done, without a schedule, so as to hopefully keep a level of quality that was not present in previous reviews for the show. Without further adu, here is my review for The One Armed Man.

A Town Over A Child

Jacoby in Twin Peaks S01E04 The One Armed Man - Twin Peaks Week

Jacoby – The One Armed Man

Twin Peaks isn’t called ‘The Laura Palmer Mystery’. It’s called Twin Peaks, which in this episode I realised may have been a very deliberate move because, as much as everyone seems to have a connection with Laura and the case, the show itself feels more focused on the town and its people. Laura’s death is simply a point of entry for viewers. This formula is actually rather refreshing compared to many other mystery shows as it is the setting that is mysterious, not just the plot.
Onto the actual episode now and there isn’t too much to discuss. The most interesting discussion that could be had would be from Laura’s cousin’s inclusion. If I didn’t know it was a late inclusion by the show’s creator then I would have thought that her character could have been an important part of the plot. As it is not though I am struggling to find anything that really could be that important anymore. The hook I had on the show is already gone, the only thing keeping me going is the world. Hopefully the next episode will be a bit more exciting, perhaps leading to a better longer review too.

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