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Traces to Nowhere, the second episode of Twin Peaks, reviewed for Twin Peaks Week.

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Plot Progression

Leon in Traces to Nowhere

Leo – Traces to Nowhere

In my review of the pilot episode I was surprised with the bravery in the immediate intensity of the plot. What I didn’t particularly ponder is whether or not the next episode would be able to match it in this regard. Unfortunately, Traces to Nowhere seems to lack much real plot progression. Instead we see small little bits of housekeeping as a couple of loose strands are put in place. There are two main points of discussion however: abusive husband Leo and kooky physiatrist Laurence. The former is much too over-the-top to really have any actual connection to the case and so I assume his story arch must be more towards the short-term than the long-term, which would be fine. The blood on his shirt I believe will be explained by an unrelated situation that we as an audience have yet to know about. The physiatrist interests me a lot more. I assume that it was his hand we saw at the end of the pilot picking up the half necklace, but I can’t be sure if he could maybe be part of something bigger. For instance, how would he even know of its location if he were a lone agent? It’s difficult to say, mainly because of how tacked on his scene was at the end, as if to give the audience a quick reason for staying around for the next episode as opposed to being truly integrated.


Donna Hayward in Traces to Nowhere

Donna Hayward – Traces to Nowhere

Also much different from the pilot was the pacing of the episode. It feel like some scenes were rushed or too short in order to make sure everything they wanted to get in the episode fit in within the given length of the episode. This may be a more personal point though that stems from there being several stories and characters being followed. I have the same sort of problem with the current season of Game of Thrones, which also has many different stories being told. It could simply be something that grates with me for no reason and could not be noticeable in the next episodes, so I will just have to wait and see.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I found Traces to Nowhere generally weaker than the pilot episode, but the love I have already picked up for the characters means that I am very much looking forward to watching more episodes as part of Twin Peaks Week. For now though here is my favourite part of the episode. I really hope Log Woman has a grand connection to everything:

Log Woman in Traces to Nowhere

Log Woman – Traces to Nowhere

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