Why You Should Be Watching ‘High Maintenance’

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Why you should be watching High Maintenance, a web series from couple Katja Blichfeld (Emmy Award Winner for 30 Rock) and husband Ben Sinclair.

Season 5 Trailer

High Maintenance is a character-driven web series that gives an insight into different New Yorkers’ lives and their homes, with a weed dealer (played by Ben Sinclair) acting as the common thread through every episode. The show has been running since 2012, with Season 5 having now just finished at the beginning of February (now on Vimeo’s On-Demand as their first piece of original programming). For an online only series, High Maintenance impresses in both its basic, yet simultaneously stylish cinematography and great acting. The writing is also very well paced, allowing the audience to understand new characters in a short space of time, with very few of them being under-developed.

Several celebrities have also appeared as guests in the show, including Hannibal Buress, with his episode being a particular stand-out due to its relative seriousness and darker themes. The amount of understanding and sadness you feel for Buress’ character in the small space of 9 minutes really speaks volume to how the entirety of the show can achieve so much. In-fact, while there may seem to be a lot of pot references, the show is much more about the characters (including Buress) and their interactions with each other. This isn’t one of those Adult Swim shows created for watching deliriously in the early morning hours. It has a lot of heart, with the people and their lives really being a main focus. There isn’t a particular cliché story-line, with Sinclair and Blichfeld really using the unrestricted medium of online video to achieve episodes which play out exactly the way they want them to. The fact that they shoot each episode in a weekend and on a pretty low budget only adds to how impressive the show is. A stylishly shot, well acted character-driven, un-clichéd show with heart, while I have yet to watch the latest season, I can fully recommend you watch High Maintenance.

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